Greeting students,
Welcome to the most useful math class in high school. Statistics is a class where you will never have to ask: when will I ever use this? This is because the knowledge of statistics is something that you will use in your work and your personal life almost every day of your life. And, don't take my word for it. Check out this TED video:

As consumers of information, we are bombarded with numbers. Statistics is a class that will help you to understand what the numbers really mean. With this knowledge, you'll know when someone is trying to baffle you with bad numbers and you'll know how to provide good data to those that depend on you.

As we travel on the journey through statistics, you will be adding to this wiki. Please do not make posts to this page. For the most part, you will be adding answers to questions through discussions on other pages in this wiki. Occasionally, you'll work with your group to create your own pages to expand and improve this wiki.

Good luck and enjoy!