Labor Day Weekend Homework

Post your idea for research by clicking the DISCUSSION tab above.

Make sure you address these points:

What question are you trying to answer? (be specific)
Where will you get your data?

Here are some of the ideas we brainstormed in class:

Starbucks vs. Coffee Bean
Most successful profession
Computers and viruses
How many high school athletes go on to college?
Most popular high school sport? (what do we mean by popular?)
Surfers and gender
Most downloaded music
Athletes' salaries
Baseball stats
Amusement parks - most visited, most popular ride, which days are there most visitors?
Cell phones - most used network, most used phone, least problems
Macs vs PCs - scoring
Facebook versus twitter which is better? which is more popular?
Facebook average posts per month, which languages? how many users for each language?
How tax dollars are used? Where does our money go?
Who is paying taxes?
Most popular restaurant food
Most popular fast food?
How many people recycle? Is recycling always good?